Monday, January 2, 2012

Farrellsstyles Custom Hooded Towels

                                            Items you can't find in the store!!

Farrellsstyles Personalized Custom Hooded Towels.

These towels can come in all different colors. And are made when you order them, I just need the Initial so I can Personalize your towel for you. If you'd like a name instead of an initial the lettering will be smaller! These towels are 30in x 54in and made out of cotton.
<These towels are $25.00 or 2 for $40.00>

Custom Tee Ties by Farrellsstyles~

                                       What color tie do you like?                                              
                              Design an outfit to match the whole family!!
            Farrellsstyles can design any look that makes your picture perfect!
                                      We can even do a Tee Tie for Dad!
                           email me your idea's @
                            I look forward to bringing your idea's to life..